Thursday, June 28, 2012

White Moon

Soft white light
Pours through the trees
Gentle sway
In midnight breeze

My soul is kept
Heart is nigh
Within the shadows
Of nights burning skies

Please let me keep
'till break of dawn
Let me keep
'till white moon is gone

Kristin M.

Life, Fate, and Destiny

Destiny will do
Destines are done
Within the clocks
Worked around the sun

My body rises
My mind will wake
And soon my soul
Will forever take

The only thing
 I do not know
Is how my life
And fate will go

Though life and fate
Remain untold
Your heart and hand
I'll always hold 

Kristin M.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Island of Green and Blue

I would like to dedicate this piece to my wonderful, loving Nana, as a thank you for the beautiful memories created on this island:

As I sit here, all my eyes take in is the simple beauty of earth's  creation. It's like the world has packed it all into one small package and set it right here on this very island. It's waited patiently for me to sit down and find this very moment in time for hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of years.

The water shimmers with morning sunlight, mist twisting its way around the green island. This must be my Nana's green and blue days, where all you can see is brilliant emeralds and sapphires. I now understand why she is so enchanted by them.

I'm losing myself in the joy and peacefulness of it all and suddenly, it's as if nothing else ever mattered, nothing else ever will. All I can think about is here. Now. This very moment in time that will soon become history.

All I can think about is how to make this moment last. . .

                                             Written on Cama Beach, 2012                  

                                                  Kristin M.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Blind Man

I look up into the sky to see its still filled with dark clouds of inky smoke. I slowly lower my head, but I still see nothing but endless blackness that goes on for miles and miles into eternity. Stepping back into my blackened home, I walk into a dark room and sit down in a chair of shadows. A woman sits down next to me and we talk of many things for many hours. She is heard, but not seen, just like everything else surrounding me.

For I am the blind man.

Kristin M.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life's Fantasy

There was a day when I believed one could not truly be hated yet loved so dearly by the full soul and heart, that things always turn out the way they should be. I think there was a day when we all believed in this illogical fantasy-- but we were young back then. We all grew up and discovered that life isn't always as simple as the fairy tales make it, and many of the beautiful roses it throws us are covered in thorns and drenched in merciless blood. The happily ever afters aren't always what they seem, just like the people that create them. The prince doesn't always fall madly in love with the girl who wants him so desperately. The main characters don't always have perfectly good hearts and are sometimes just as blood thirsty as their enemies. The ones we battle may not only be our foes, but are best friends. Life is not found in cruelty, but it is not found in beauty either. Life is found somewhere in the unexplainable in between.

Kristin M.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Deed is Done

Against my will
Against the son
My work is gone
Thy deed is done

I cannot take
The falling past
From endless memories
That forever last

Though some faults are forgiven
Some are not
And I have no power
Over the unbreakable knots

Hate and resent
Is left in others minds
But the endless shame
Remains only mine

Against my will
Against gods son
My work is gone
Thy deed is done

Kristin M.



    Time is an odd thing, an unexplainable mystery on will never fully understand. How it can give us so much, yet take away so much, how it has the power to decide our every move and fate is something the human mind can only guess. No one can be sure how the clocks unnerving seems to run so much faster within our heads than the outside world Scientists will never explain why time turns so slowly in our moments of shame, and in such surreal speed in the moments we want to last forever. Mechanics will never find a way to stop and rewind everything that has been knotted in past hours of history. Why this is can only be dug out by a person with the gift of pure imagination. Because time is a lot of things. Joyful. Cruel. Future. Past. Seconds. Minutes. Simple. Unexplainable.

      But if there's anything time is not, it's logical.

                                              Kristin M.