Sunday, August 18, 2013


Hey guys, I know its been a while...

I'm here to let all my wonderful followers know that I will now be ending this blog :( I'm sorry I haven't really kept it updated, I know it's not very fair to you. I'll leave it up for anyone who wants to come back and look at it, but I will no longer be posting.

If you are wondering, I have in fact still been writing. A lot. I would really like to get something published in the near future, and have lately been more focused towards that goal. I'm thirteen years old now, and about to head into 8th grade on August 30th (I think?). I'll be in an Honors English class, where I can further pursue my dreams of becoming a published author. A lot has changed since I first met you all a year ago. You've helped me so much, and I thank you for all your support.
..... and I have one last poem for you before I go ;)


Once there was a girl
of three and a half years old
with her feet on the ground.
Safe and sound and cared for
in the safety of her mothers arms.
They kept her in a cage of certainty
where she was loved
and comfortable
and warm.
Where she was happy to stay forever
and watch
life pass
the window

And then the little girl grew.

Once there was a girl
of eight and a half year
who wanted to fly
who wanted to escape safety.
She dreamed and dreamed
of spreading her wings.
And her parents shook there heads
but never worried
because at the time
was still

And then the unthinkable happened...
she grew

Once there was a girl
of thirteen and a half years old
who ached to spread her wings.
She didn't want to watch.
She didn't want to dream.
What she wanted
more than anything in the world
was to LIVE.
But every chance she took
to step outside the box
was blocked by her protectors
and at the time
she hopelessly
let them.

But, just as her guards had feared, she just kept on growing.

Once there was a girl
of seventeen and half years old
who dared to fly
who lived a life of freedom
and as many times
as they tried to tie her down
she was finally all to strong.
So she stole the key
and threw open the door
of the cage they called
her home.
And learned to live
and love
and laugh
and hurt....
And dare to

...well I guess this is goodbye now!!! Again, I thank you all so much, you've helped me more than you even know. 

Keep your head up, and don't ever stop BELIEVING. 

Love truly,
Kristin L. Markis

Sunday, January 20, 2013

People and Me

OH MY GOSH! I'm sorry, I haven't posted in forever!!! No, I'm not forgetting about you guys, I'm really, truly not. But my schedule has been so insane I don't know how I'm ever going to fit in my writing anymore! AUHG!

 Please please please please PLEASE comment on this poem! I've been getting like no comments lately! It's driving me nuts! If you don't like it I'd really appreciate advice, and if you love it then please let me know! I'm also looking for some new followers at the moment, so if there is any way you could give me some publicity I'd be really grateful! Let me know, and I'll be happy to do the same for anyone else :)

Happy late New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and whatever other holidays I've missed!!

People and Me

People keep telling me
what I should be
what I should dream
what makes up me

People keep saying
that the know who I am
that they don't think I can
without knowing what I am

People keep coming
to give me their views
on what my life should be
what I need to chose

People are talking
about what I've become
about what would've been
about what should've been done

People convince me
on what I should like
on what I could need
on what I will strike

People will whisper
about every flaw
about every imperfection
about what I do wrong

But I shouldn't care
about what they all think
about what would've been
about what I have inked

For people are people
and I am me
and that's exactly what the world
will and should be