Saturday, October 20, 2012


I have officially started a second blog!!!! It's called the Randomness of Me, and it's kinda just gonna be a bunch of random things that I posted because I simply feel like it. I thought I would create it for people who are more interested in getting to know me as a person. I am very much aware that the first post is pretty bizarre, I was VERY bored at the time and kind of just blabbered out a bunch of random ramblings. But this is Kristin we're talking about here! You really should get use to it (: PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!

Two are in pain
One takes a smile
Three are left standing
A single worthwhile

Loss and victory
Pride and regret
Swirling emotions
Fate still lingers unset

The happiness in each twirl
The sting of the spin
Swirling the same earth
Merging each win

It’s what makes the world
Diverse and divine,
From any other space
Seen by human eye

For joy cannot be taken
Without one shedding a tear
And though seven share the grief
Blissfulness still circles the Sphere

It may not seem fair
Certainly not right
But that’s the cruel game
Of ever swirling life

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Unknown by Kristin and The Small Voice by Annamaria

Posting two things today; one by me and one again by Annamaria:

The Unknown

The unknown.

Truly the the thing that scares us people the most, unfamiliar territory. Places in time we can not predict off of. Things that we do not yet, and may never, have an explanation to.

The darkness. It's shadows cling around you, suck you in, hide all things familiar from sight. We all fear it naturally, without hesitation.

But think about it. Life is no less than a full face dive into the unknown. A leap into an unread story book. A step into the darkness.

We learn to face it. To drink, live, breath, eat off of the things we don't see coming. Sometimes it will bring us good, sometimes it won't. But we hold our heads high and take it.

That's life.

By:  ME (:

The Small Voice

You know you want to share it
But scared of what they'll say
Will it come out a squeak or wisper?
Or completely go away?
A stage
A single spotlight
Waiting for a voice
To lead them through the night
To give them a choice.
A voice for the voiceless
An opinion for the weak.
However we need one
That's not timid nor meek.
I need to be strong
Not for me
But for others
We all need a voice
My sisters and my brothers.
Bravery doesn't come easy
But I'll force it if I have to
For I am the voice
Singing out for you.