What is creativity?

Many people have given me there veiws of  where creativity comes  from, what it really is. Many tell me it's a scorce created by the brain, some tell me it's created by the lord. . .others will simply stare me and give me and gape in confusion when I ask for their opinion.

So what is creativity? Where does it come from?

I believe it's neither a scientific cauculation or something created through god. . .  or a little bit of both I guess. I believe creativity is simply YOU. It's a gift from god that makes you a rightful indevidual. However, your creations are imagined and made by your mind, your heart. The imagination is shaped by YOUR thoughts, YOUR experiences, YOUR existence. It belongs to you, and only you. Never let anyone tell you your creations are wrong, that they're not good enough, because no one but you can determind that, not even god.

Yet even if your imagination is based in in your head and heart, they still can not cauculated by scientist  
or mathmatetions. It is honestly not something that can really ever be explained at all. I believe this is because your creations do not only start in the mind, but in the soul, too. The only way it is seen though others eyes if you dare to put it down on paper.


  1. Kristin, this is so great. I am excited to see your future posts and see how your writing develops.

  2. Hi Kristin,

    I read your guest post on Blog of a (maybe) Teen Author, and I thought your poem "Hope" was beyond beautiful. it led me to your blog, where I read your poems like crazy. I truly believe you were given a gift with poetry! If you like, you can come check out my blog, http://powerupmywriting.blogspot.com
    It's about writing and I'd love to have you guest post sometime, as well as post your poem "hope" up on it. Maybe we could switch and each do a guest post on each other's blogs? Let me know! :)
    - Sarah

  3. Thanks for the comment! I checked out your blog and LOVED it! Yeah, the guest post thing sounds like a really good idea! You could even do a critique on something I've written, too.
    Thanks much!