Sunday, January 20, 2013

People and Me

OH MY GOSH! I'm sorry, I haven't posted in forever!!! No, I'm not forgetting about you guys, I'm really, truly not. But my schedule has been so insane I don't know how I'm ever going to fit in my writing anymore! AUHG!

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Happy late New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and whatever other holidays I've missed!!

People and Me

People keep telling me
what I should be
what I should dream
what makes up me

People keep saying
that the know who I am
that they don't think I can
without knowing what I am

People keep coming
to give me their views
on what my life should be
what I need to chose

People are talking
about what I've become
about what would've been
about what should've been done

People convince me
on what I should like
on what I could need
on what I will strike

People will whisper
about every flaw
about every imperfection
about what I do wrong

But I shouldn't care
about what they all think
about what would've been
about what I have inked

For people are people
and I am me
and that's exactly what the world
will and should be



  1. Oh, and still got no followers on my new blog! Please check it out!

  2. This is my favorite poem now, Kristin! Great job :) Good luck on getting more followers.