Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog of a (Maybe) Teen Author

Lately I've been commenting on other writers blogs, asking them to visit my site so I could receive a little more publicity and get the word out there. While browsing through the web for other teen/tween writer's sites, I was fortunate enough to come across one called Blog of a (Maybe) Teen Author, written by Emily Russel. I read some of her posts, and eventually left a comment with my web address. Apparently she liked my writing okay, because she asked me to introduce myself on her blog and share a poem(I picked one called Hope, I haven't posted it on my site yet). If you'd like to see what I posted and the rest of her blog, visit  the link at the bottom of the page. Her stuff is actually pretty neat, and  really funny, too(;

                     My post will appear on June 31st, hope your there to see it!

                        Go to: http://maybeteenauthor.blogspot.com

                                               -Kristin M.

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