Friday, July 13, 2012

My Heaven

I'm soaring.

Touching the thin blue blanket of sky, I fly through the clouds. No stress, no worries, no unbearable emotions to fill my mind. It's all happiness, all joy. Why should I ever worry, anyway? There's nothing in the world worth worrying about.

My fingertips brush the soft tree tops as I swoop above the green sea of forest. Letting the wind carry me I then begin to spiral up towards the clouds, my wings skimming the silky white mist. It feels beautiful, wonderful, unimaginable, beyond any describable words.

It feels like home.

Like freedom.

Like sweet hope and happiness.

This is nothing short of my heaven.


  1. I saw your comment on Go Teen Writers and came on over to visit your blog :). I'm your first blog follower! I've never been the first follower on a blog before :). It'd be great if you considered following me as well ;).


  2. Hey Kristen! I saw your request for input on my blog, (Maybe) Teen Author. All I can say is wow! Your comment about being a 'VERY young writer' combined with your voice reminds me a lot of the writing I was trying to do when I first started. Keep up the great work!

    My only suggestion for improvement right now is to work on your spelling and grammar. This particular piece doesn't have any glaring errors, but I've noticed several minor spelling problems on the sides of your blogs and in some of your other pieces. One way to 'cheat' with spelling is to use the spellcheck for Blogger. It's the little square in the upper right-hand corner when you're writing a post. ;)

  3. I was just here, I know, but I noticed something else I thought I'd point out: I know it's hard sometimes and takes patience, but try not to post a lot all at once. Maybe post one poem every other day or twice a week, rather than several all at once. That way readers aren't overwhelmed by a bunch of posts all at once. :) It's a tip that is learned over time with most bloggers, that readers appreciate your work more if they wait for it and you give it to them in bite-size pieces.

  4. Me again! Last time, I promise. I'm off for the island nation of Dominica on Monday, July 23, and I just realized this means I still need to come up with blog posts for July 26, 28, and 31. On one of those days, would you like to introduce yourself and talk about your new blog, possibly share a poem too?