Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life's Fantasy

There was a day when I believed one could not truly be hated yet loved so dearly by the full soul and heart, that things always turn out the way they should be. I think there was a day when we all believed in this illogical fantasy-- but we were young back then. We all grew up and discovered that life isn't always as simple as the fairy tales make it, and many of the beautiful roses it throws us are covered in thorns and drenched in merciless blood. The happily ever afters aren't always what they seem, just like the people that create them. The prince doesn't always fall madly in love with the girl who wants him so desperately. The main characters don't always have perfectly good hearts and are sometimes just as blood thirsty as their enemies. The ones we battle may not only be our foes, but are best friends. Life is not found in cruelty, but it is not found in beauty either. Life is found somewhere in the unexplainable in between.

Kristin M.


  1. Every time I read this, I see something different or experience something different....but one thing I always experience is the TRUTH of your words and heart. Nana

  2. OK..Honey...I am at your blog...but don't see where to get my instructions that you mentioned when you wrote in my! nana

  3. Hiho Kristin!

    My name is Mike Heckman (Sr.) and your Grandmother Nancy (who I count as a personal friend for over 50years) suggested I might be interested in your blog. In fact, were it not for Nancy and her recent adventure in Mexico, I would likely never have connected with the blogosphere." Your grandfather Steve is a Dixon High School classmate (and friend) of mine too. I'm (like your grandmother, a former English major and high school teacher and when I served in a county superintendent of schools post I had occasion to note and congratulate your own Mom Lisa who was possessed of significant and precocious writing skills. Any way, I hope you won't mind my futere days' connecting with your blog and my relay of responses to your efforts. ENJOY THE DAY!! mike heckman

  4. Thank you very much! And I actually had no idea that my own nana was an English major until now, so thank you for that bit of info! I LOVE comments so no I do not mind the least bit (:

  5. Hiho Kristin!

    I could not read your "Life's Fantasy" posting without thinking of California semanticist S. I. Hayakawa's famous (to us English majors, any way) admonition that in life, as in language use, each of us must take care to remember that (in his words) "The word is not the thing" i.e. just because we form/use words to describe concepts like "truth" or "love" or "beauty," the meanings of these varied terms is/are as differing among individual humans as is the subjectivity of personal views/judgments that each person brings to the term/concept. This varying subjective creation of concept meaning can be a source of frustration to us living in this complex interpersonal interaction world - - or it can just be viewed as yet another facet of living itself that makes life so interesting.

    Well-preseted ideas - - clearly you've inherited your Mom's/Grandmother's writing genes. Mike