Saturday, June 9, 2012


    Time is an odd thing, an unexplainable mystery on will never fully understand. How it can give us so much, yet take away so much, how it has the power to decide our every move and fate is something the human mind can only guess. No one can be sure how the clocks unnerving seems to run so much faster within our heads than the outside world Scientists will never explain why time turns so slowly in our moments of shame, and in such surreal speed in the moments we want to last forever. Mechanics will never find a way to stop and rewind everything that has been knotted in past hours of history. Why this is can only be dug out by a person with the gift of pure imagination. Because time is a lot of things. Joyful. Cruel. Future. Past. Seconds. Minutes. Simple. Unexplainable.

      But if there's anything time is not, it's logical.

                                              Kristin M.


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  1. Coolio! I've always wondered about time..........