Monday, September 17, 2012

In the Dead Night By: Annamaria

Today I will be posting a poem by my friend Annamaria, the O-MAZING poet. I met her at church camp this summer, and she is one of the most eternally awesome, fantistical, spectacular, terrific, and for lack of a better word great people I have ever met. And so I give you the bunny, the fencer, the writer, the cryptozoologist, the nice one, the anime obsessed, the YAC member, the girl scout, the poet, the funny, the dragon lover, the Pokemon lover, the singer, the weird, shining in the dark ...


In the Dead Night

By: Annamaria

In the dead of night
I hear a whisper,
And shiver with fright.
The moon shines brightly on the forest,
As the ghosts murmur their darkest chorus.
The shadows creep into your brain,
One by one they came
Until you were no more.
But shining in the sky,
Master of the spooks and spies,
Is the moon gleaming bright,
In the dead of this deadly night.

....Amazing, right? She has a talent I tell you, that will ever seize to amaze me (:

-Kristin M.

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  1. Hi Kristin! I've awarded you with the Fantastic Blog Award :)