Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shadows (Prologue to Spark by kristin1)

Yo my peeps! (:

Sorry, I know I said I'd have my book out by Friday and it's SUNDAY,but I just published it on the wattpad website *squeal of excitement*!!!!

If you'd like to read it, just click here and it will take you to the wattpad website. Search Spark by kristin1 and it should appear below. Please comment on either wattpad or my blog on what you think! It would also mean a lot if you passed the word along to anyone you know, I don't have that much publicity.

Shadows (Prologue to Spark by kristin1)

"Noooooooo!" I screamed in agony as my hands continued to slip farther and farther off the edge of the rocky cliffs. I looked down, but there was nothing to see, only blackness.

I tried with all my heart and soul to hang onto it.....

but there was truly no hope left to hang onto.

Swallowed up in despair, I let go, trailing blood across the stony surface as I dropped into my own hopelessness.


Under the dark shadows of cruelty.

The only direction I ever seemed to go.

I screamed out for help as I was pulled into the unforgiving shadows.

But there was no one left to save me now, no one that cared enough to come. I was alone.

So I fall. Down, down, down I go.

Tumbling into the darkness............

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