Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Trees are Calling... (and a bunch of other random stuff I feel like posting)

Hey everyone... with school just starting up I haven't had a whole lot of time on the computer, sorry! It seems like I'm always saying that doesn't it?

Before I get to the writing piece for the day, I have a few other things I must share with you all:

First off, my wonderful Nana (Nancy Louise)  has just started a new blog called my My Oaxaca about her trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. She will be staying and helping at a children's learning center for three weeks, though other than that I don't no very many details over it honestly. She's spent months and months preparing for this trip, and having used her broken toaster and microwave for almost a year, I know she's made a lot of sacrifices for it too! (:

And secondly, I'm writing my first book on the wattpad website, and I'm going to be publishing it by this Friday at least. If you would like to find it just look up on google and then search for kristin1 or Spark. You should find a book called Spark by kristin1, the cover will most likely have a burning candle on it. I've only got two chapters on it at the moment, but I'll make sure to update soon! Please leave a comment and vote if you like it! It would mean a lot!

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that's it.  This piece I wrote a while ago, it's one of my favorites.  It's not a poem, I felt like posting something a little different today I guess:

                                                 The Trees are Calling

Cold rain runs down my face, beating against my neck as I look up into the gray blanket of sky. I let the drops slowly wash away my tears, my pain, then I close my eyes allowing myself to drift into another world. I imagine myself running, wild and free, off into a land of no worries, of no mountains that block our wild unreachable dreams. When I finally open my eyes, I just throw back my arms and just run. I keep going for lord knows how long, sprinting through the swaying trees. The wind runs it's cold fingers slowly through my dark hair as I go, rain pounding down on my face. My bare feet are numb from the freezing soil, but I don't care. I fly into the wild green wilderness. The trees call to me...

They are calling me home.

-Kristin M.


  1. My dear Kristin...thanks for the intro...I so identify with your deep feeling about the trees.
    For me the trees are beings in my life and I have one for each significant event or time in my life.
    They offer wisdom and healing and just plain good company. Your nana

  2. Beautiful. You have a wonderful way with description, Kristin! The world needs more writers like you. :)


    Katelyn Shear